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Palestine UN Membership Request File

Palestine UN Membership Request File

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is offering talks in an effort to dissuade Palestinians to seek a vote on the recognition of Palestinian statehood by the United Nations. Abbas, however, has stated he is determined to force the vote on this matter. This cartoon was republished by Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

20 Sep 2011

Subroom: Arab World Fights for Freedom



21 May 2012


16 Nov 2011

that's very nice art work and good idea :) keep it up

20 Sep 2011

Nice artwork, but the reality is far from us seeing Palestine getting into the UN or just getting somewhere.

As we speak, and i'm not inventing this, I have my sources on the ground : 200 NGO/Associations/Things to help the Palestinian people have been shutted down since 2 weeks.

But one thing is to be known : They are shut down indeed sometimes by the Israelians, but, MOST of the time it is by the hand of the HAMAS ... these #{~@$ too don't want to see Palestine at the UN because in a way it would be the start of the end for them since they only exist to fight against Israel.

If someone is good enough to draw about that ..

20 Sep 2011


20 Sep 2011

GREAT artwork!!

17 Sep 2011

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