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"Nothing to celebrate"

Pitch "Nothing to celebrate"

This "Mother's Day" in Mexico, the mothers of the 43 missing students Ayotzinapa have nothing to celebrate.

10 May 2016


Yes, indeed, Enrico :/ ... a big hug my friend

28 May 2016

Very sad...

12 May 2016

My dear friend Pete, thank you so much! Yes, indeed, is a terrible story for them and all of us. A big hug and good luck.

11 May 2016

Dear Ana, thank you so much! Hugs and kisses my dear :)

11 May 2016

Still not solved. ..such a tragedy. ..nice artwork Antonio it's good to remind people of this horrible event

11 May 2016

Awesome cartoon and comment. I have been following this terrible story for a while now. My vote José

10 May 2016

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