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Xenophobia in Zambia

Pitch Xenophobia in Zambia

After a rumor went round that the Ritual Killers that were cutting male private parts were arrested and named them as from Rwanda Angry Mobs started attacking Foreign Nationals believed to be from RWANDA..

20 Apr 2016


Exactly for money and power,so when people heard about this they became uncontrollable,its sad coz not every Foreign National is involved but most Shops that have been burnt and looted are from Innocent Foreigners,Thanks for the vote PEK,

20 Apr 2016

When I saw your cartoon I googled the subject and have just been reading about this on Vanguard news, it's terrible that they use the body parts for rituals to obtain wealth and power. Strong cartoon Stillmatic, and as always a great illustration in the Stillmatic style

20 Apr 2016

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