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Monument to Meaningful and Lasting Gains in Afghanistan

Monument to Meaningful and Lasting Gains in Afghanistan

As the United States plans to reduce its troops, it faces the dilemma that either its fragile military and political gains may disappear, or a continued presence for an indefinite time may be needed, and even that may not achieve its goals of stabilizing the nation and preventing extremism.

29 Jun 2011


War is self serving … not for the people to decide. I think the piece would be more profound if you remove the letters all together…

01 Jul 2011

Great concept, great cartoon!

28 Jun 2011

Thanks Angelo. Based on the feedback, I've modified the cartoon to make it just a little less subtle.

27 Jun 2011

Subtle cartoon. I didn't see what was going on until I read your explanation. Good idea. Perhaps show more erosion in the monument, maybe with the type.

27 Jun 2011

Mike, i hope you were able to tell that the cartoon was being ironic... the "gains" are already eroding away, if you look at the artwork.

27 Jun 2011

Meaningful and lasting gains in Afghanistan? Excuse me while I laugh until I piss myself. Would this be the gain in the number of murdered civilians? The gain in the number of permanent US imperial bases in Afghanistan? The gain in the number of outraged and "radicalized" Afghanis tired of seeing their neighbors and families slaughtered by Obummer's robot airplanes?

Oh, and a little heads up, Steve... there will be NO net reduction in the number of US troops in Afghanistan. Basically, Obummer's pulling a little cheesy shell game on us, similar to the phony Iraq "withdrawal" -- he's pulling out the troops he sent as part of his original escalation of US brutality in Afghanistan, leaving around 70,000 still there (not counting the corporate mercenaries from Blackwater, or whatever the hell they're calling themselves now), not to mention that Obummer's promising at least three more years of US brutality and military occupation, until at least 2014. Also, don't forget that President Sparkle Pony is leaving himself an "out" by saying that we may be there even longer if the US regime decides that Afghanistan "isn't ready" to govern itself.

27 Jun 2011

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