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Smackdown! Bahrain Grand Prix Cancelled

Pitch Smackdown! Bahrain Grand Prix Cancelled

Here's a bit of good news from the Arab Revolution front: after a week of hell-raising, the Bahrain Grand Prix organizers have relented and cancelled the race. Interviewed on Al Jazeera, Bahrain International Circuit Chairman Zayed "Stability" Alzayani was spinning furiously, talking about a positive and constructive role in Formula One, avoiding any mention of the bloody suppression of the peoples' uprisings in Bahrain, choosing to focus on the logistical issues posed by a postponement of the race. Hey, Zayed, if that's your story and you're sticking to it, that's cool, we can work with that.

11 Jun 2011


We're touched by your cartoon in Bahrain. Never underestimate what you're doing, this really encourages us to continue our struggle to gain our basic human rights.

It's really moving for me to know that someone thousands of miles away caring about my fate. What you've done to Bahrain put you in so many hearts.

Keep it up Mike

14 Jun 2011

thank you for translating our pain into pictures, thank you for caring as our own neighbours don't

14 Jun 2011

painful reality :(
They live on the blood of their people
Picture of a thousand words
thank you very much , Thank God that in this world people like you have a real humanitarian

14 Jun 2011

Thank U dear .. it's a noble thing to help people even with a word or a picture
Take a look here ..
Amnesty || Bahraini activist jailed for reading poem
& tell me what do think about this

12 Jun 2011

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