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Sarah Palin: Rolling Blunder

Pitch Sarah Palin: Rolling Blunder

Normally, lately, I've avoided doing cartoons about the current crop of GOP politicians because I think people like Sarah Palin are a distraction and a sideshow, and because I think the Democratic Party is the more serious threat to the Left in this country and thus far more deserving of a good skewering. Still, when Sarah Palin kicked off her Making Up My Mind Whether Or Not To Run For President Tour by barging in on the annual Memorial Day "Rolling Thunder" right-wing biker gang convention in DC, it was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up.

01 Jun 2011


No need to be apologetic; you'd be surprised at how many Americans these days -- myself included -- could be described as "anti-American". Between what we've done to Iraq and Afghanistan, and our support for Israeli oppression in Palestine, and our involvement in the oppression of Bahrain through our arms sales to the Saudis, I've got plenty of reasons to be disgusted with this country, and ashamed to be an American. Honestly, I'd rather be anything else than American right now.
And, yes, you're absolutely right that the US media's treatment of Trump and Palin as serious Presidential candidates is proof that politics in the USA is fucked up beyond belief. In fact, "fucked up" barely describes the current state of American politics -- and the American voting population, for that matter.

@Tjeerd: Sorry, dude, but the USA has the Netherlands beat hands-down in the area of deranged crank politicians. The right-wingers here are getting all the press right now, but the Liberals have proven to be equally insane with their delusional support for Obama despite his bailout of Wall Street and the bankers, his looking the other way while BP destroyed the US coast of the Gulf Of Mexico, his healthcare "reforms" which were basically giveaways to insurance corporations, his refusal to stand with the unionists, his murder of civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan, his attempts to dismantle Social Security and Medicare, his indifference to the desperate situation of the unemployed, and his continued pandering to the right-wingers in the name of "bipartisanship". In spite of all this, the Liberals insist that I support Obama's re-election because they say the GOP would be worse. If that isn't insane, I don't know what is. It isn't just right-wing America, but the whole damn' country that's become affected by some weird form of mass psychosis.

Just recently, Obama just happened to "drop by" the White House and just happened to "run into" Bahraini Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin isa al-Khalifa ( in a meeting proving just how craven US leadership is, owing to the fact that the meeting wasn't on Obama's official schedule, and held in secret. Given this bit of news -- and keeping in mind that the Obama government sold the weapons to the Saudis, who sent troops to Bahrain to help the regime there murder protesters -- I would absolutely dare any US Liberal to try and tell me that a second term of Barack Obama would be any better than a Trump Administration, or a Palin Administration.

07 Jun 2011

Palin, WIlders, and now Marine le Pen in France ...sometimes makes me feel like 1932...and that is not a good feeling...

02 Jun 2011

Not only in the USA, though. I used to think the Netherlands was not the worst country in the world to live we have Geert Wilders, who has gained widespread support for his islamophobic and xenophobic ideas. Doesn't say much good about our political scene.

02 Jun 2011

This is not meant to be anti-American, but: the fact that people like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are considered to be serious contenders for being President of the USA, by millions of citizens, well, that shows how fucked up the political scene is in the USA, right?

02 Jun 2011

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