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Isis wheel of death

Pitch Isis wheel of death

Paris .. Baghdad .. Istanbul .. Jakarta .. .. Ouagadougou .. Kaboul .. and the wheel of death continues to claim lives around the world ...

17 Jan 2016


I have seen that. This is why I have featured so many of your cartoons in my Alternative Saturday Cartoons over the past year! I try to do a weekly post of such cartoons from around the world that are pretty incompatible with current Western values. But then, my readers are there for international views that tell the truths they cannot find anywhere else.

22 Jan 2016

I'm not afraid of anything Noor ;)

21 Jan 2016

Excellent. I would like to see a Star of David on that Spectre of Death, but understand that you, the cartoonist, like the idea of staying alive!

21 Jan 2016

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