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Irish beer... mmmmmm

25 May 2011


Actually, Guinness is only 3.2% alcohol, less than many American "lite" beers.The company is based in the UK, is part of a large, faceless, international conglomerate called Diageo, and discriminated against Irish Catholics for centuries. The Guinness we get here in America is imported-- from Canada. Guinness is about as Irish as the Queen mum's cunt.

31 May 2011

Well said Mike ! Oblahblah only drinks beer and eats cheeseburgers when Michele isnt around. Unless ofcourse he has to codify a white police officer and a uppity college professor. Maybe he IS Irish like he implied. He does have an O in front of his name LOL

27 May 2011

D'ahhh ha ha ha hahhh. Awesome. That's too damn' rich, Bob.

I saw that foto of O'bummer drinking a pint of Guinness and thought it the smarmiest and most insincere politician's foto op since the '08 Presidential Goat Rodeo, when I had the misfortune to see those pictures of Hillary Clinton in a bar in Pittsburgh drinking boilermakers with a bunch of steel workers, and I was thinking "oh yeah, sure; I can totally imagine that nasty old bourgeois hag kicking back in her posh Georgetown living room, slamming down some boilermakers after a long, hard day of triangulation and pandering."

The fotos of O'Bummer drinking a pint of Guinness in an Irish pub, though, added insult to injury. I consider that foto a slap in the face to _real_ Guinness Stout drinkers -- like myself. Seriously, man, does that stick-up-the-ass Ivy League prick honestly expect me to believe that he slobs out on the ol' South Portico and slurps down a pint or two of Guinness after a long, hard day of flushing this country down the toilet? Yeah, sure, man; I can guarantee you all that Barack O'Bummer is strictly a dry martini man.

27 May 2011

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