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International Law: the American Way

International Law: the American Way

The United States could have apprehended Osama bin Laden, bringing him to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague to face trial. Unfortunately, this institution is not recognized by the American government, and they decided to execute Osama without any form of trial. One might argue that this is as uncivilized as any terrorist attack.

11 May 2011


Wow… I raise my glass to you

01 Jul 2011

Thanks, Mike! I was also very surprised by the editorial cartoons following the news of Bin Laden's death. Of course I expected a lot of celebratory cartoons, but I haven't found a single American cartoon that raised any questions about the justification of executing Bin Laden without a trial. I find that pretty disturbing.

12 May 2011

You sure nailed this one, man.

It reminds me of why I started publishing work at Cartoon Movement -- it's one of the few outlets where the opinions aren't coming from people who are damn' near certifiably insane, unlike 99% of the US Media.

It's bad enough that even so-called "progressives" and Liberals in the US are cheering for this nuttiness, and that the US media are drooling over it, but even the major editorial cartoonists -- who can usually be counted on to buck the bullshit most of the time -- are producing gloating, flag-kissing cartoons about this.

11 May 2011

I agree with your critical atitude, That is really political offers of US Political...

11 May 2011

Very strong words, but necessary.

10 May 2011

"One might argue that this is as uncivilized as any terrorist attack" indeed!!
Cool cartoon, Tjeerd!

09 May 2011

This was missing indeed.

09 May 2011

Thanks for doing this cartoon. Inside America, it is an especially untouched topic.

09 May 2011

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