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Obama's certificates of achivement

Pitch Obama's certificates of achivement

No one can say it wasn't an eventful week for President Obama. My own opinion of the man dramatically swung in the course of just a couple of days. When he released his birth certificate in the face of Donald Trump's moronic harassing, I thought he looked weak, petty, and extremely politically vulnerable. But then, a couple days leader, he looked like a giant as he calmly and stoically described how he authorized the assassination of the world's most wanted man.

02 May 2011


I like it. Almost like the two events bookended this week. I agree regarding his presidency. Caving in to Trump and the birther assertions was probably one the lowest points in his presidency, followed by the highest point with the death of Bin Laden. I like your art style. It's very crisp and colorful.

03 May 2011

Well, I wouldn't be swooning too much over the guy. Don't forget that early in his term, he claimed the right to carry out extrajudicial assassinations of US citizens -- not just foreign nationals -- anywhere in the world based on suspicion. That's right, not actual evidence, but suspicion. Never mind that it's a violation of international law in and of itself. He'll get away with this one, though, because it's a guy who almost everybody loves to hate, although in about a week or so America will sober up and realize that they're still unemployed and are about to have their Social Security and Medicare benefits stripped.

Propitious timing, too... quite similar to GW Bush kicking off his '04 re-election campaign by announcing the capture of Saddam Hussein, at a time when the wheels were coming off the Iraq War Wagon and it looked as if the Democrats could've nominated a real actual donkey to run against Bush and won. Of course, as we all know, the Democrats nominated Lurch from "The Addams Family" in '04, and the rest was history...

03 May 2011

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