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Roll over Osama, tell al-Zarqawi the news

Pitch Roll over Osama, tell al-Zarqawi the news

Forgotten, but not gone.

02 May 2011


Mike: Thanks for your comments. I actually believe Osama's dead, I just don't believe he died this week. We'll never know if it was a hoax, they made sure of that by getting rid of the evidence. Your notes on the timing are spot on. As for the news cycle, #Osama and #OBL are already off the trending list at Twitter, for whatever that's worth. I don't even think it will last until Fri.

03 May 2011

D'ahh, I dunno, man... Granted, in the past decade I've heard more reports that Bin Laden was dead than I've had hot dinners, not to mention the number of dramatic reports out of Iraq and Afghanistan that turned out to be staged propaganda events or flat-out hoaxes, but this... this is the Big One. If this had turned out to have been a hoax -- maa-aan, would there have been some goddamn' hell to pay. Obummer's chances in '12 would've gone straight down the toilet.

And speaking of toilets, how soon do you think this story will be flushed out of the news cycle? I'm giving it Friday, tops. That should be enough time for people to sober up and realize they're still unemployed and are on the verge of losing their Medicare and Social Security.

Suspicious timing, though; right after the Gadhafi Family bombing fiasco, just as things were starting to go south in Libya, and right after the release of the legendary birth certificate which, far from ending the silliness, has served only to crank the Birthers' silly knob up to 11. In fact, last night I heard some mumbling on Twitter about how this operation was supposed to have been carried out some time ago, but the White House sat on the news until a properly propitious moment (which wouldn't have surprised me a bit).

Meanwhile... in other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

02 May 2011

obama 1, osama 0

02 May 2011

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