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Under the Bus, no.2

Pitch Under the Bus, no.2

In 2008, Barack Obama was elected with the promise of progressive change. Two and a half years of hypocrisy, betrayal and abuse later, the Great Democratic Party Bus is teetering dangerously on the huge pile of supportive constituencies thrown under it.

19 Apr 2011


Nice, Mike!

20 Apr 2011

Hi Mike, I like the way you create discussions with your cartoons. I would like to add to your idea of the failure of the Obama administration the following viewpoint from several European economists: the US, even though it is just one country and therefore far less complex than the EU is incapable of setting aside its party politics in the interest of the country. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are to blame for that. Meanwhile the US solution to solving its huge debt crisis is quantitative easing, basically inflation. This will cause unbelievable damage to economies that hold large dollar reserves, China first. So by using this policy the US is not living up to its international responsibility as the country that holds the most important currency worldwide, which is to ensure financial stability. Until the inevitable moment that the Dollar will be equalled or overtaken in importance by another currency (the Chinese?) the US is a liability for the world economy. To most people in Europe both de republicans and the democrats are responsible

20 Apr 2011

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