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The Real Battle of Bahrain!

Pitch The Real Battle of Bahrain!

The media have given extensive coverage on Libya while pay less attention to what is going on in Bahrain. What is going on in Bahrain needs some attention.

15 Apr 2011

Subroom: Arab World Fights for Freedom


للاسف :ٍS

08 Sep 2011

أعتقد أنه جانبك الصواب بخصوص إيران فهي لا تهتم في ان يكون لها مطامع في البحرين إلا انها تريد العدالة لشعبها

08 Jun 2011

great work! poor people ... always

18 Apr 2011

Oh, I adore your style! What's a brief! Well-done :)

15 Apr 2011

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