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The Cause

The Cause

As long as the war in Syria continues, the stream of refugees will not stop.

08 Sep 2015


ITA - Certo è che "la madre dei deficienti è sempre incinta !"
"Complimenti" per la mistificazione della realtà...
ENG - Sure is that "the mother of idiots is always pregnant !"
Shame on you for mystification of reality...

09 Sep 2015

This is a great achievement for all the artists that are calling for freedom and are against dictators and criminals. Congratulations, Nanda.

08 Sep 2015

Thank you very much Nanda and CM staff

08 Sep 2015


08 Sep 2015

Great work!

06 Sep 2015

Brilliant work. This criminal should be accountable for his crimes

05 Sep 2015

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