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Privatized Tsipras

Pitch Privatized Tsipras

Tsipras quits after boicotting his own political program. God bless Varoufakis "the betrayed". Last hope of Syriza's dignity or...maybe a new party founder?

20 Aug 2015


Nai Manos. Very disappointing Tsipras, I hope the new popular union will help to definitely kick off the banksters an euro. Maybe Varoufakis will lead a european coalition? Whatever it happens Tsipras has damaged very much the hope for a change, also here in Spain. Too bad. We'll have to start from the begginning again. The fight wont stop though ;)

22 Aug 2015

the bastard sold us out!!!!

22 Aug 2015

Thanks Shahid!

21 Aug 2015


21 Aug 2015

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