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Map Of Kurdistan, Revised

Map Of Kurdistan, Revised

In fighting ISIS, Erdogan is seizing the chance to battle another foe, the Kurds.

29 Jul 2015


Excellent. Thumbs up.

18 Mar 2017

where is kurdistan? i am looking to map but i dont see kurdistan...
unfortunately western people are ignorant for middleeast. because many turkish people live in this maps kurdistn side. and usually people are ethnically turkish. Adana Hatay Osmaniye Sivas Malatya Elazığ Erzincan Erzurum has just turkish ethnicllaly. ignorants. nope native kurds in this cities. but this map say there is kurdistan. ahahaha its comic. ignorant western just believe to popülist lies. i am not muslim. but i am Turkish and i am seeing you are so ignorant for middle east. unfortunately.

13 Dec 2016

That map would be a good idea.

11 Feb 2016

Good work Mike!

29 Jul 2015

"That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!" --Erdogan

29 Jul 2015

Good one, congrats.

29 Jul 2015

indeed Mike

28 Jul 2015

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