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Obama's Eyes on The Prize

Pitch Obama's Eyes on The Prize

"There will be times ... when our safety is not directly threatened but our interests and values are" says Obama. And with that, America goes for another ride.

29 Mar 2011


But, seriously... I just gave it vote no.10. Pretty much sums up the whole "humanitarian intervention" load of horseshit.

01 Apr 2011

Wow, nice one, Dan!

Still... it looks vaguely similar to a cartoon I saw on here about Obama's vision for the future of NASA, drawn by a guy from the States, some talentless hack named Flugensomething or other. (;^> (just givin' ya shit, man)

01 Apr 2011

Great symbolism!

30 Mar 2011

Really good, voted!

29 Mar 2011

Whoa! My vote!

29 Mar 2011

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