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The World Food Production

The World Food Production

More and more food is used up by the big consumers: the United States and China. Which basically means that nothing is left for Africa and other poor countries. This cartoon is part of our project on the Millennium Development Goals.

16 Jul 2011



27 Dec 2011

very explicit work ;)

28 Aug 2011

Scary-Nasty-Good... Men with suitcases have something to loose...

17 Jul 2011


16 Jul 2011

Hello Miguel !!! I thank you !

16 Jul 2011

congratulations Pavel, my friend!

16 Jul 2011

I don't understand where you got your sources for only blaming China and the United States, when in fact there are far smaller countries with a equal or even higher level of counsumerism who to point the finger for Africa's needs.

It's time to start looking beyond the United States as the bad one in the picture. Anti-Americanism is just getting old... anything goes wrong? the norm is to blame the U.S.

16 Jul 2011

Wow, it looks amazing! Thank you very much.

24 Mar 2011

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