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European (Dis)integration

European (Dis)integration

Crunch time for the UK and the EU, as Cameron tries to make a deal on EU reforms that will pave the way for the UK's in/out referendum. How will a possible Brexit affect the not altogether sturdy European raft?

18 Feb 2016


Hey Alexander! Can you tell me what's the second furthermost country's name. I'm guessing Norway. Asking this for a school assignment.

08 Dec 2017

Hi in thé ENF Group in the European Parliament we are preparing a book on Brexit and Migration. Could we use this picture? Please reply to . Thanks

23 Feb 2016

Thank you very much friends!

19 Feb 2016

Yes, good idea!

18 Feb 2016

Вітаю, Сашко. Класна картинка!

18 Feb 2016

Like the idea.

11 May 2015

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