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Healty rivers

Pitch Healty rivers

Cartoon based in the pitch submitted by Almos:

16 Mar 2015

Subroom: Children's Rights


You are an amazing artist and a great person KAP! I wish you a lot of success in your life. Respect!

20 Mar 2015

Thanks to all. But is a great idea by Almos, I only draw clean and funny...

19 Mar 2015

Nice one.

18 Mar 2015

I like it

17 Mar 2015

Wow!! I really like your cartoon KAP! I'm happy that you recognized the point of my drawing. Nice work, thanks!

16 Mar 2015

Our poor tired planet. ;) It's really high time for rescue it!!

16 Mar 2015

Em sento com aquest món que has dibuixat, hehehe. Abraçada KAPapá!

16 Mar 2015

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