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Ramzy Hebdo Freedom of speeech

Pitch Ramzy Hebdo Freedom of speeech

what happened to Charlie's cartoonists is terrorism and un acceptable ... on the Other hand attacking us -Muslim- and insulting our prophet is not acceptable as well 1 billion muslim are not ISIS

We - Muslims- who are fighting ISIS in syria & Iraq , and we are the ones whose been Killed, bombed, Slaughtered by Isis. and please, when we speak about hatred please remember who was the Masters of humanity hatred

American Indian Holocaust European Jewish Holocaust French Algerian massacres ..

Please ... Attack ISIS .. don't insult Muslims, stop the hatred!

30 Jan 2015


Very good.

04 Feb 2015

Good cartoon!

31 Jan 2015

Thanks ... :) my respectful dear friend Miguel

31 Jan 2015

I agree. My vote.

30 Jan 2015

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