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The Power of Money

The Power of Money

Money is power, and power corrupts. This cartoon is part of our special project about the Millennium Development Goals, and was made based on a sketch by a high school student.

11 Jun 2011

Subroom: Millennium Development Goals


thank you, wooow that one is PERFECT!

16 Mar 2011

I love your ideas and our collaboration, but I already did something similar image-wise: But keep uploading ideas while the project lasts, you never know which one will result in a new great collaboration!

14 Mar 2011

I really like your style ,this one is great.
I had a idea for a cartoon about earth.
The earth is looking at human very mad(with mad face)
You can see a lot of smoke coming out of the earth what means factories and industrie
And that destroys our earth,so earth is mad at human because after all she gave us we only want more and destoy it every day more and more.What do you think of this?

14 Mar 2011

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