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Africa and the Rising Cost of Food

Africa and the Rising Cost of Food

The rise in global food prices presents a major problem for a large part of the world population.

25 Jun 2011

Subroom: Millennium Development Goals


i disagree!

27 Dec 2011

Very Smart

21 Dec 2011

very realistic view !!

06 Nov 2011

I agree! Very fresh image of Africa's plight, every original approach!

08 Jul 2011

Wow... Cranial binding and everything. Love the concept...

01 Jul 2011

Wauw, i really like how you made africa into a scull, i wish i could draw like that! It is clear straigt away what you mean! beautifull! i really like your style, im doing a project for school about the millenium goals. Would you want to make a cartoon for me? Take a look at my pitches. Thankyou.

16 Mar 2011

Guilty as charged ;)

12 Mar 2011

Another cartoon featuring your much beloved skull! But a very good one!

12 Mar 2011

ahhhh ok ! the $$ burden the stalks of grain...

09 Mar 2011

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! @Bernie, my first draft actually was this way, but the overall look of the cartoon became too 'positive' that way. That's why I decided to reverse them, to make the stalks of grain seem weighed down by the $$$.

09 Mar 2011

yes, at first I said :"ohh! an other Africa-as-skull !"
but the total "pictogram" is new !
just a remark : the $ $ $ seem to be down , while the cost is rising up ....why not the reverse drawing ?

09 Mar 2011

The idea is the symbolism is great, and I must say that your style continues to be unmistakable!

09 Mar 2011

It's been done before, the Africa-as-skull idea, but I hope the overall idea is original enough. It's the first cartoon I did on my new studio-computer, so maybe the new set-up has impacted my style more than I'm aware of ;)

09 Mar 2011

Wow, I've never seen Africa drown this way. And I think this is the first time I didn't recognise your style immediately Tjeerd.

09 Mar 2011

Waw....i like vote

08 Mar 2011

wow, I like the resemblence of a skull in the shape of africa and that of it's debt that food is expensive

it's GREAT!!!!

08 Mar 2011

Very nice cartoon! Good idea!

08 Mar 2011

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