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gender equality

Pitch gender equality

3º Millennium Development Goal: Promote gender equality.

08 Mar 2011

Subroom: UN Human Rights


friendly, thanks for the commentaries!
MrPedanticke, the subject of the equality and the taxes are for another cartoon….ja..:0)

20 Mar 2011

That's five out of five for me so far. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

11 Mar 2011

That’s great Elena. The graphic style is brilliant, distinctive and very effective. I particularly like the big shadow/little shadow that subtly emphasises the difference.

May I take this opportunity to mention a personal annoyance? “Gender equality” should mean equality of opportunity, not enforced equality. Also, although the emphasis is quite rightly on the unfair treatment of women, there are occasions where men are unjustly disadvantaged too.

I would also like to comment on the news from Brussels (that you may be aware of). Some idiot bureaucrat from the EU administration has decided that gender should not influence car insurance charges, even though this is actually determined only by risk. It is a fact that, generally, women are safer drivers than men, but they may be forced to pay the same (which of course will mean more) in the future.

11 Mar 2011


08 Mar 2011

Very good cartoon. I like it!

08 Mar 2011

waooooooo ! quelle violence !
excellent !

08 Mar 2011

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