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His Master's Choice

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Yeah... who needs concentration camps and walls and prisons and miles of barbed wire... you can bet on poor people's desparation to promote their bosses interests... troll troll troll... Q. How can you spot a nationalist agenda?... A. It uses trolls

01 Dec 2014


Good idea.

06 Dec 2014

I give them all to you Mike, they're a pain in the ass believe me, hahaha

04 Dec 2014

I regret that I can only vote for this cartoon once.

Maybe it's just me -- maybe I'm just weird -- but I actually welcome trolls crapping their drawers over a cartoon I publish. When the trolls freak out, it means I'm doing my job.

Hell, I actually think it's fun jerking their chains -- especially the Zionist pro-Israel howlers.

04 Dec 2014

My vote, Manos.

02 Dec 2014

The rising of the troll debate.
Enough with passivity in front of daily agression. A subtile way to apply censorship on cartoonists and force them through daily harassment , exhaution and fear to stop discussing certain topics. "subtile" for those who don't suffer it everyday. My vote and solidarity.

01 Dec 2014

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