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23 Feb 2011

Subroom: Arab World Fights for Freedom


I’m very impressed by your series of Gaddafi cartoons. You are very good at summing up the situation in a simple scenario. Sadly Gaddafi’s not even the worst despot around.
It is quite clear that Gaddafi is now a victim of his own publicity (and sycophants). Like Mugabe, he is now senile, totally deluded, and as mad as a box of frogs.
Your cartoon does beg the question: who is actually playing the part of the devil? Who have their hands up his jhubba? Who are tugging on the tails of his jellaba? It is sad to observe that many leaders and government representatives nowadays are just puppets of shady characters, out of the spotlight, pulling their strings and filling their bank accounts; yes, even in the so-called civilised countries like the US and the UK! And as long as the oil keeps blowing out of the ground they don’t seem to care what else happens.
The puppetmaster theme brings to mind a Dave Brown cartoon of Hamad Karzai (, though maybe pantomime is only a British phenomenon. Would a cartoon with one puppet, many hands work?

01 Mar 2011

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