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Way to school.

Pitch Way to school.

Because kids in poor countries have to work for food or money to help their family because they are too poor, they can't go to school.. Their way to school is harder... Could a cartoonist make this sketch into a cartoon?

21 Feb 2011

Subroom: Millennium Development Goals


Maybe you could show the poor world without the roads at all, and then have a child who has to build the road first before he can get to school.

23 Feb 2011

Thank you Dan! I am already looking forward to it! Have a nice day! :)

22 Feb 2011

Hi Andrea, I think I can work with your idea - will keep you posted!

22 Feb 2011

Ah, the road of life. I get it! That should be shown a bit better in the cartoon that someone will make, but the idea is good!

22 Feb 2011

To Vitali & Arjun;The idea is not really about the roads but the way that the road to a school in a 3rd world country will always be more difficult to find or even drive/walk it yourself. Because poor children have to work to help their (most of the times) large family their road to education will always be difficult and maybe they will never find it... Sometimes you just have to look beyond what you see ;)

22 Feb 2011

I think the same as Vitali, poor countries can't afford to make so many roads, and therefore it's more likely they would have only one (or more) main road.

22 Feb 2011

This traffic interchange you've drawn on the left does not really evoke the image of a poor country. Quite the opposite.

22 Feb 2011

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