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The train of freedom

Pitch The train of freedom

The train of freedom in the middle east start one can stop it

19 Feb 2011

Subroom: Arab World Fights for Freedom



22 Feb 2011

مبارك تحت القطار يا صديقى.....

21 Feb 2011

Great one, but where's Mubarak :D

21 Feb 2011

أشكرك جدا يا رانيا

20 Feb 2011

I agree with Giacomo Cardelli, this is the best cartoon I saw dealing with the situation in the Middle East!

19 Feb 2011

تسلملى يا فادى...تسلم يا صديقى العزيز

19 Feb 2011

cardelli...thank you my dear friend......

19 Feb 2011

وهي صوتي لرسمك الرائع والله مبدع

19 Feb 2011

For me, the best cartoon that deals with this problem!

19 Feb 2011

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