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Global Food Consumption

Global Food Consumption

This cartoon is part of our special project on the Millennium Development Goals. It is based on this sketch by a high school student.

23 Apr 2011


Sad, really sad for all of us, who has everything...

03 Jul 2017

my compliments, touching

01 Mar 2011

it's real...

27 Feb 2011


21 Feb 2011


19 Feb 2011

Thanks to you all for your nice comments.

19 Feb 2011

You guys have a great style-well done!

18 Feb 2011

thank you for making this drawing. i really aprecciate that. 6 thumbs up

18 Feb 2011

Great cartoon! I like it very much!

18 Feb 2011

I really like this one!

18 Feb 2011

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