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Gaddafi Versus Democracy

Gaddafi Versus Democracy

Gaddafi responds to the call for democratic reform in Libya with violence, as the army uses live ammunition in an attempt to control the popular uprising. This cartoon was republished by Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

20 Feb 2011


i like it

22 Mar 2011

Very strong image! But are you sure that one board that says "Gadafi" is really needed? Since the armoured vehicle is so recognisable already, I don't think it's really needed to have it there. Without it I think the vehicle lookst more massive & stronger and that makes the 'democracy' look even smaller; the contrast will grow. But either way; It's very powerful.

11 Mar 2011

Nice Cartoon

27 Feb 2011

i like that very much

23 Feb 2011

Good cartoon! My vote.

18 Feb 2011

very nice ! i really like your style Jan-Erik Ander. Could you maybe take a look at some of my pitches and see if you would want to make a cartoon for me ? keep up the great work.

18 Feb 2011

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