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Another example of the milenium development goals is eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. My idea is of a rich fat man drinking milk out of the bottle like it's the most normal thing to do everyday, On the other side of the cartoon you can see a poor man (maybe African?) Who is daydreaming about eating a bowl of cereal, But he does not eat it with a spoon but with a fork, So in that way he won't eat that much and leave something for his family who is also hungry.I hope that a cartoonist who understands my idea will help me make this sketch into a nice cartoon! Thank you in advance!

17 Feb 2011

Subroom: Millennium Development Goals


a good explanation and motivation

01 Mar 2011

Hi Andrea, here´s the cartoon.

26 Feb 2011

Thank you Mariam, I love all your ideas btw!

17 Feb 2011

Good idea, Andrea!

17 Feb 2011

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