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One of the Development milenium goals is to promote gender equality. I got an idea for a cartoon and I hope someone could help me make my idea turn into a cartoon. Here it goes; My idea for the cartoon is that the symbols for female and male get together to become one with the meaning of equality. So instead of 2 symbols it turns into one. And in the new drawn symbol you can see a man and a women who are together and are happy. Could some nice cartoonist help me and make my idea happen? Thank you very much in advance! :)

17 Feb 2011

Subroom: Millennium Development Goals


A good suggestion and the result of Arcadio is fantastic

01 Mar 2011

I just saw it! Arcado I really like it. Thank you for improving my idea! Nice job!

18 Feb 2011

Hi Andrea, this is the link to the cartoon that Arcadio made:

18 Feb 2011

First of all thank you for comenting & I would be very happy to see the cartoon! Let's do this! & Thank you very much! :)

18 Feb 2011

Hello Andrea. I made a cartoon based on your proposal, you can see how important is this topic ( the gender equality), now, we have a cartoon and one idea to share with people in all over the world. What do you think?

17 Feb 2011

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