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capitalism v.s nature

Pitch capitalism v.s nature

Water is essential for living. But even with that knowledge there are still allot of companies dumping their trash in open water. That open water is often the only water source for people and animals living in that area. Fish and waterlife are killed by this pollution.

Unfortunately nature always seems to lose the battle with capitalism.

17 Feb 2011

Subroom: Millennium Development Goals


you made this yourself?

01 Mar 2011

Hello Phaedra !! Your sketch and idea are nice. Tomorow I will atashed the cartoon...

17 Feb 2011

whoa this is very nice. you make a nice drawing how do you do that? please tell me in class

thank you,

your clasmate, christina

17 Feb 2011


17 Feb 2011

I forget to ask if their was someone willing to help me finish this cartoon ! What i have displayed is just a sketch to give some inspiration.

17 Feb 2011

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