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Italian Women Protest Against Berlusconi

Italian Women Protest Against Berlusconi

Italian woman are fed up with the sexist mentality of Berlusconi.

16 Feb 2011


If I were Italian, I'd throw a sandal too.

21 Jun 2011

... it goes my shoe... and MY VOTEā€¦: 0)

25 Feb 2011

Haha, funny, and he keeps on smiling..

23 Feb 2011

Will Silvio finally fall because of the women he fell for?
Great picture!

21 Feb 2011

whahhahahah very funny

19 Feb 2011

Clever cartoon, Jean.

15 Feb 2011

Excellent !!! my vote

14 Feb 2011

You got my vote...lots of humor and actuality.

14 Feb 2011

Thank you!

14 Feb 2011

I like it very much Jean, my vote.

14 Feb 2011

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