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"Τhrough the Western Looking Glass" Revisited

Pitch "Τhrough the Western Looking Glass" Revisited

With the thick of the uprising taking place during internet blackout and a tiny percentage of the populace actually using them, most western news coverage still talks about the "social media" revolution. The "status update" the people demanded had nothing to do with facebook or twitter.

12 Feb 2011

Subroom: Arab World Fights for Freedom


You were a big fan of the original too, as I recall :-) Even showcased it one time as "cartoon of interest"-for which I thank you, btw .

15 Feb 2011

I like this one a lot, too!

15 Feb 2011

Thanks, Matt-doesn't seem to be a popular point though :-)

15 Feb 2011

Good point. I find the focus of Western media on social networking--particularly in America--nauseating.

14 Feb 2011

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