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The whole world wants him to leave, but Mubarak continues to stick around...

11 Feb 2011

Subroom: Arab World Fights for Freedom


Thanks, rima. This cartoon would now also work with the head of Gaddafi, I guess...

26 Feb 2011


26 Feb 2011

Hi Mayke. There's not really a special reason, mainly it has to do with the composition. Mubarak is represented as a piece of chewing gum stuck between bars of red and black, representing the Egyptian flag. It seemed logical to have lettering both above and below. My first idea was for the text to read 'Mubarak regime' with 'Mubarak' in the red field and 'regime' in the black field, but in the end decided that just using the name Mubarak was more powerful.

15 Feb 2011

You have devided the name of Mubarak in two, have you done this with a special reason?

14 Feb 2011


11 Feb 2011

I love the way you rendered the gum!

11 Feb 2011

Yeah, I'm afraid the news caught up with me. That happens sometimes in the field of editorial cartoons. I thought he would probably 'stick' around for a couple of days more. In don't mind, though, great news for the people of Egypt!

11 Feb 2011

Good idea! That has happened, before he quitted.

11 Feb 2011

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