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The European Union always proclaims the moral duty to help countries and peoples that are less developed, but while we do give aid to developing countries, we're also making sure that we keep the people in those countries out of Europe. We wouldn't want to risk our own living standards...

10 Feb 2011

Subroom: Millennium Development Goals


Thanks very much! Glad you like the cartoon.

01 Mar 2011

I like how the mice,with hopeless faces, are stuck on their little ''island', while the cat is enjoying it's life. We wouldn't want to risk our living standards..but why not take the risk? They don't even have a standard, while we can enjoy everything we want. Therefore, I agree that's it's really well drawn cartoon. Nice :)

01 Mar 2011

This way the being-helped countries can't do anything except to wait for their own development. Of course we wouldn't want to risk our living standards, but if we raise theirs, the problem of their people coming to Europe might cease to exist.

This is a really well drawn cartoon, and states the obvious. Well done.

21 Feb 2011

It kinda looks like the cat has just eaten some of the mice.

15 Feb 2011

I like it

10 Feb 2011

ha ha! really nice!

10 Feb 2011


10 Feb 2011

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