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Pitch Globalization

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07 Feb 2011


it's very nice arafa

12 Mar 2011

Very well done! and indeed a hilarious story.,What if they would have had big Mac's for a bribe?Ronald mc. Donald in Che's face?

10 Feb 2011

I liked :)

08 Feb 2011

I like it so much. It's excellent.

08 Feb 2011

Good idea Matt., you can draw something about it if you want.

07 Feb 2011

I think it would be better if you could somehow explain the story in a caption. I find it hilarious that the revolution was plot by the Colonel and his tasty wings! I wish that was being reported.

07 Feb 2011

Actually this one has a story. Mubarak's silly media says that protesters are agents, they took KFC meals ,as a bribe, to make the demonstrations! Can you believe it? This cartoon is making fun of that! I wrote "Globalization" on it because no one here knows this story.

07 Feb 2011

I think we could start a collection titled 'the many faces of Che'. Check: and

07 Feb 2011

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