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Less Guns, More Food

Less Guns, More Food

Weapons you can eat, a potential solution for hunger and violence

06 Jan 2014

Subroom: Cordaid: What is Charity?


Wonderful! Congratulations

29 Nov 2014

Dear Shahrokh! yes simliraty my friend! As I saw the yours was uploaded on iranwire on september 7, 2013 the mine was made on december 2012 published in the cover of the dedete magazine the same month, on my facebook page too and published near those days in irancartoon website also, our geniality is very close! all the best to you! but really this is not a greaaaat idea

06 Jan 2014

similarity idea !

06 Jan 2014

Es un buen dibujo, como casi lo que sale de tus manos...
Mi abrazo, mis felicitaciones y mi voto, hermano.
Buen año 2014 !!!


06 Jan 2014

Mi voto, definitivamente mi voto!

03 Jan 2014

Nice work, Ares!

31 Dec 2013

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