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Berlusconi, Latin Lover?

Berlusconi, Latin Lover?

Silvio Berlusconi, Italy and women... This cartoon was republished by 360.

28 Jan 2011


Excelent idea!!!

23 Feb 2011

Thanks for all the comments!
Unfortunately, the situation for many, is not as clear as can be heard abroad.
I tried to summarize in the cartoon pich today in the newsroom.
Fortunately, many like-minded Dan Carino!

28 Jan 2011

A great caricature of him. I imagine he humps the leg next?

24 Jan 2011


23 Jan 2011

Berlusconi one of most favorite personalities for cartooning
Good idea, I love it

22 Jan 2011

Excelent cartoons

21 Jan 2011

Very clever, Jack! Berlusconi needs to "step down".

21 Jan 2011

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