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The rise of consumer demand for products and services that are friendly to the environment has lead to greenwashing, the deceptive use of green PR and marketing to promote a misleading perception that a company's policies or products are 'green'. This cartoon is part of our special project on the Millennium Development Goals. It was republished by Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

17 Apr 2011


Love this... I thought it a nice touch that the Japanese power plants were painted with blue sky and marshmallow clouds ... always a nice touch :)

01 Jul 2011

Congrats. I really liked it when it was pitched.

18 Apr 2011

very good pavel!

17 Apr 2011

Congratulations my friend, clever metaphoric humour showing the demagogy on environmental politics. great cartoon!

17 Apr 2011

I like thise one a lot!
This cartoon exactly shows the situation in the world right now. Many are pretending like their goal is to produce green energy but actually the only thing they want is to make more money!

18 Feb 2011

this is funny. And I believe demonstrates the problem precisely. Very often green efforts are nothing more then relabelling. My vote.

21 Jan 2011

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