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The United Nations

The United Nations

The United Nations should be an organization of solidarity and equal distribution, but the political reality is that the powers that be control what action is actually taken. Click here for more cartoons about the international community.

20 May 2011

Subroom: Millennium Development Goals


The slowest form of genocide ...

01 Jul 2011

Genial! very good!!!

23 May 2011

Great Cartoon! I like it!

20 May 2011

The continents are leftovers in the pot that still must eat :D

09 Feb 2011

What's on his fork, Australia? :)

09 Feb 2011

Thanks Tjeerd and Svitalsky bros!

28 Jan 2011

Really great picture and idea.

24 Jan 2011

One of my favorites! Brilliant cartoon.

21 Jan 2011

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