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The Full Dish

The Full Dish

Food is still in short supply in many places in Africa, but, strangely, there is never a shortage of weapons. This cartoon is part of our special project on the Millennium Development Goals.

18 Feb 2011

Subroom: Millennium Development Goals


This one of the best cartoons I´ve seen! It´s really dramatic and realistic... You don´t need any more words to explain the whole situation

01 Mar 2011

Hola KaP!!! que buen encuentro!!!
Good, "el plato fuerte"!!!

24 Feb 2011

I love how you showed that those poor children don't have a choice and that they've to pick up the weapons if they want to eat!

24 Feb 2011

I really like this cartoon! very effective, the facts are right in front of you. Great work!

23 Feb 2011

I never saw this as a pitch, but very effective cartoon.

18 Feb 2011

Love this one! good editorial pick!

18 Feb 2011

Oh, thanks!

27 Jan 2011

Lots of great pitches here already, but this has to be one of my favorites. Painfully hilarious!

24 Jan 2011

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