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3 months ago, soldier was killed in London, and British Prime Minister David Cameron said that Britain "would never bow to terrorism in all its forms," vowing to "defeat extremism," Muslim Brotherhood, smashing 21 police station in Egypt, burned Coptic churches, , they want to ignite a civil war in Egypt, every day Muslim Brotherhood kill the soldiers and officers of the army and the police, they killed 13 soldiers only today! Why the world criticizing the Egyptian army and police when trying to keep the Egyptian people and their property?

15 Aug 2013

Subroom: About Freedom


Thank you Rami too

18 Aug 2013

Thank you all Saad,Gloria, Doaa

17 Aug 2013


17 Aug 2013

great one

17 Aug 2013


17 Aug 2013

Great Amr ... My vote

17 Aug 2013

Many thanks for you both Sofia and Rania

16 Aug 2013

Very expressive !

16 Aug 2013

creepy good!

16 Aug 2013

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