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Pitch scream

Men screams for freedom. The question is: Is there any ear? and if there is, is it open to hear?

19 Jan 2011


IT IS A REAL MASTERPIECE! Congratulations, Farhad!!!

02 Feb 2013

It's a great image that could be applied to a lot of situations.

24 Jan 2011

Wonderful idea, good work

22 Jan 2011

Editor's note: updated version

19 Jan 2011

Actually this is a negative color image. something went wrong with uploading of this and some another images, I will replace this with the right one as soon as possible.

19 Jan 2011

This is a very cool image, but I'm confused by the green shape, which I guess is an ear but it didn't read as such for quite awhile. Maybe that should be flesh-colored?

19 Jan 2011


19 Jan 2011

You are right my friend. Thanks for your attention.

19 Jan 2011

Good idea. Like it. Though I guess it could be applied to many different situations, not only to freedom as the description goes.

19 Jan 2011

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