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Who is Handala?

Who is Handala?

In 1987, Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al-Ali was assassinated in London. The shooter was never caught. Naji created the famous figure Handala, a silent witness in his cartoons, in the form of a 10-year old boy with his back turned to the world. So powerful is this symbol, that 26 year after Naji's death, Handala lives on, as relevant now as it was then.

30 Jul 2013


Love your work! Keep up the preasure!

26 Jan 2014

Thank you so much dear brother Enrico

29 Jul 2013

Very good.

29 Jul 2013

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29 Jul 2013

Thank you so much dear brother Tjeerd

29 Jul 2013

Wonderful cartoon, Fadi!

29 Jul 2013

From approximately 1975 through 1987 Naji Al-Ali created cartoons that depict the complexities of the plight of Palestinian refugees. These cartoons are still relevant today and Handala, the refugee child who is present in every cartoon, remains a potent symbol of the struggle of the Palestinian people for justice and self-determination.

Naji Al-Ali wrote: “The child Handala is my signature, everyone asks me about him wherever I go. I gave birth to this child in the Gulf and I presented him to the people. His name is Handala and he has promised the people that he will remain true to himself. I drew him as a child who is not beautiful; his hair is like the hair of a hedgehog who uses his thorns as a weapon. Handala is not a fat, happy, relaxed, or pampered child. He is barefooted like the refugee camp children, and he is an icon that protects me from making mistakes. Even though he is rough, he smells of amber. His hands are clasped behind his back as a sign of rejection at a time when solutions are presented to us the American way."

Handala was born ten years old, and he will always be ten years old. At that age, I left my homeland, and when he returns, Handala will still be ten, and then he will start growing up. The laws of nature do not apply to him. He is unique. Things will become normal again when the homeland returns.

I presented him to the poor and named him Handala as a symbol of bitterness. At first, he was a Palestinian child, but his consciousness developed to have a national and then a global and human horizon. He is a simple yet tough child, and this is why people adopted him and felt that he represents their consciousness."

29 Jul 2013

R.I.P Naji

29 Jul 2013


28 Jul 2013

Thanksssssssssssssss dear brother Shahrokh

27 Jul 2013

Naji Salim al-Ali was a Palestinian cartoonist, noted for the political criticism of the Arab regimes and Israel in his works. He drew over 40,000 cartoons, which often reflected Palestinian and Arab public opinion and were sharply critical commentaries on Palestinian and Arab politics and political leaders. He is perhaps best known as creator of the character Handala, pictured in his cartoons as a young witness of the satirized policy or event depicted, and who has since become an icon of Palestinian defiance. On 22 July1987, while outside the London offices of al-Qabas, a Kuwaiti newspaper for which he drew political caricatures, Naji al-Ali was assassinated by a double agent working for both the Israeli Mossad and the PLO. Naji was shot in the face and mortally wounded. Naji al-Ali died five weeks later in Charing Cross Hospital.

27 Jul 2013


27 Jul 2013

My name is “7anzalah” (Hanzalah)

Dear reader permit me to present myself… I, God forbids from the word “I”…
My name is 7anzalah, My father’s name is not necessary, My mother… her name is Nakbah and my younger sister’s name is Fatimah…
My foot’s size, I don’t know… because I am always barefooted…
Date of birth: I was born on June 5th 1967…
Nationality” I am not a Palestinian, not Jordanian, not a Kuwaiti, not a Lebanese, not an Egyptian, not anybody… etc… In brief I don’t have an identity and I don’t intend to get nationalized… Simply I am an Arab and that is all…
By accident I met the cartoonist Naji… Hating his art because he cannot draw, and explained why… because whenever he drew about a country its embassy complains… guidance. information and censorship warn…
He told me all people are nice… they became angles… They couldn’t be better… thus... I want to draw… I want to live… I want to find a job other than this…
I told him you are a coward and ran away from the battle field… and I was harsh with him, and when I soothed him… and introduced myself that I am a vigilant Arab who knows all languages and speaks all dialects. associates with all people. the good, bad, nice and the crock… all kinds of people… Those who behaves well and or so so… And I told him that I am ready to draw a cartoon every day for him, and explained to him that I don’t fear anybody except God, and who ever shall be angry let him go and tile the see (do whatever he likes)… And told him that those who want air conditioned houses and offices, a car and what they want to cook every day… and don’t think of Palestine…..
Dear reader… I am sorry for writing such a long letter… Don’t think that I wrote so much to fill space… and that on my behalf and behalf my cartoonist friend, I always thank you… and that is all…

This text was written by Naji Al-Ali to introduce 7Aanzalah
Naji al-Ali

27 Jul 2013

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