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18 Jan 2011


Your title and comment suggests that this isn’t precisely what you had in mind, but your cartoon reminds me that the world is in fact constantly renewing itself. From plate tectonics to the smallest virus things are changing continually, and in the long term humans will do relatively little to change this and nothing to stop it.
It also reminds me that, despite our best (or worst) efforts, humans are still a speck on the surface of the Earth. Supposing each person needs one square metre to stand comfortably, the whole population of the earth would still easily fit into the area of the island of Cyprus. Furthermore, the Earth itself is just an insignificant speck in the Universe … and the Universe doesn’t care!
I’m not a fatalist, just a realist. What we do is important to us, but let’s put our efforts into perspective. If we consider the age of the Earth equivalent to one day (24 hours), then Homo sapiens first appeared just 2.2 seconds ago.

07 Mar 2011

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