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Homosexuality is against the normal family

16 Jun 2013

Subroom: LSE Project: Gender


Black is not all, thankfully. :-)

23 Jun 2013

heh... Igor, dirt comes in all shapes and colors

23 Jun 2013

Manos Symeonakis, The mixing of colors gives a dirty black color. You can try with their colors. :-)

23 Jun 2013

... i think those drops should be white!!!!!

21 Jun 2013

AliCologne, Hierstehe ich und ich kann nicht anders. :-)

19 Jun 2013

I can't believe what I read here..!

19 Jun 2013

Sure. Legalization of perversion threatens human civilization. Cartoons not fighting with people, with ideas. If you have the right to a second opinion, should have the right and more. Otherwise everything is the same.

17 Jun 2013

Our motto is 'there is more than one truth', but I have to say that, for me, this crosses the line into offensive, hateful, discriminatory, and just plain ignorant. Do you really feel that threatened by people with a different lifestyle?

17 Jun 2013

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