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Α Child's Odessa-y

Pitch Α Child's Odessa-y

children left behind

13 Jan 2011

Subroom: Children in Prison


Glad to visit you.
Good work!
Like King Solomon's

26 Jan 2012

Thanks for your explanation, Spiros.
Now you mention it I vaguely recall an old film called Battleship Potemkin. I think it was Russian and I remember navy cadets fighting (though I may be mixing it up with a similar Japanese film). I think Odessa is in the Crimea. And that’s about it.
I probably saw the film on TV, but it could be 40 years ago! I guess it didn’t make much of an impression. In fact I seem to recall black & white, subtitled, slow, bleak, clunky, and boring. (Knowing me I probably escaped to the kitchen to read a book.) I’m afraid your reference totally passed me by though.
However, I’m always trying to fill the gaps in my education, so I have now looked it up. Thank you for prompting me to do so.

11 Mar 2011

The title (as well as the cartoon) refers to the famous Odessa Staircase scene in Potemkin. De Palma has payed homage to this scene in "Untouchables", and is considered iconic, so I used it hoping most people are somewhat familiar with it.
Maybe that's what Eleanna means, that seeing the topic of the project the same idea occured to her mind. Neither she nor anyone else proposed this idea to me, and wheneber I do use someone else's idea, be sure his name will be mentioned, the same way we do in the "MDG" project :-)

11 Mar 2011

I agree. It is a neat idea and successfully illustrated. Does it relate to a specific news story – maybe in Odessa? (Or am I reading too much into the title?)

The comment from eleanna_31 suggests that the cartoon is based on a proposal. If so is the proposal published somewhere here? Can I propose a cartoon theme? How do I do that?

Incidentally, what is with the area beyond the top step? It looks a bit like one of those optical illusions. Actually it makes me feel a bit queasy if I look at it too long! Was this intentional?

10 Mar 2011

Really good.

20 Jan 2011

that's exactly what I had in mind!

20 Jan 2011

Editor's note: updated version.

18 Jan 2011

Hmmm...good catch. I' ll raise you and make it both parents. Why get stingy? :-)

17 Jan 2011

I like this, but think the person being dragged away should be female.

17 Jan 2011

I like it. Very good!

16 Jan 2011

Very good. I like it!

14 Jan 2011

Agree. Great idea.

14 Jan 2011

Great idea!

13 Jan 2011

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