• Tjeerd Royaards

    Tjeerd Royaards

    Cartoon Editor

    Tjeerd Royaards is a Dutch editorial cartoonist living in Amsterdam. He has worked as a cartoonist for seven years, ever since getting a master's degree in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. His work has appeared in Dutch dailies NRC Next, De Pers and De Volkskrant, as well as German newspapers Handelsblatt and Hannoversche Allgemeine. In addition, he makes editorial illustrations for the Swiss weekly Weltwoche.

    Tjeerd has been involved with VJ Movement since 2008, setting up a global network of professional editorial cartoonists. This network proved so successful that the decision was made to create a platform and community specifically for cartoons and cartoonists, the Cartoon Movement.

  • Matt Bors

    Matt Bors

    Comics Journalism Editor

    Matt Bors is an American cartoonist based in Portland, Oregon. He first began drawing editorial cartoons in Feburary 2003 for the student paper at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he studied graphic design, and hasn't missed a week since. His work is now syndicated through United Media and has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The Nation, Village Voice, Boston Phoenix, The Daily Beast, and dozens of other print and web publications. He regularly contributes cartoons on local topics to The Oregonian.

    His first graphic novel, War Is Boring, was published in 2010 by New American Library and is a collaboration with war correspondent David Axe. In August of 2010 he went on an unembedded trip through Afghanistan, where he reported for Cartoon Movement.